Awesome Gifts For Football Fans

The holiday season doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if your family members or friends are sports fans. Buying gifts for football fans couldn’t be easier these days thanks to Amazon and their extremely fast shipping. While the NFL has gone overboard with merchandise of all kinds, making the search for football gift ideas somewhat overwhelming, I have handpicked 16 awesome gifts to streamline the process and make things easy. I also added 5 hilarious overpriced gifts worth a laugh a the end.

The following are some great gifts for football fans for any true NFL fan.

1. NFL Socks

The older you get, the more you appreciate socks and underwear. Amazon has a wide selection of team-specific socks that make a perfect gift for any football fan. I’m not saying you should stop buying the jumbo bag of socks from Costco, I’m saying grab a pair of NFL socks for gameday as a new lucky charm. There are dozens of different types of NFL socks available, from compression socks to ankle socks, all great and inexpensive gifts for football fans.

2. NFL Men’s Mesh Baseball Jersey

This is a little different. Every diehard football fan likely has at least a couple of NFL jerseys, and ever since Nike took over, the cost has gone up and the quality has gone way down. As I mentioned in the intro, recently the NFL started allowing third-party companies the right to create officially licensed NFL apparel and some of them are getting really clever with the opportunity. This NFL baseball jersey is different, and might not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a gift for a football fan that has everything, this might be it.

For half the cost of a new NFL jersey, you can get an NFL Baseball Jersey. The company that makes them is called Ultra Game, and they seem to be flying off the shelves. They currently only have 7 teams: Broncos, Packers, Patriots, Raiders, Eagles, Steelers, and Seahawks, but they are planning to add more soon.

3. Riddell Mini Helmet

This is a perfect office gift! Riddell mini helmets are great gifts for football fans. If you’re looking for something that provides a realistic depiction of what the players use on the field without it costing hundreds of dollars, consider a mini helmet. They contain special details such as four-point chinstraps and internal padding that really provide a sense of realism when they’re set next to the television while the game’s on, in a bedroom, or elsewhere. And, since they’re miniature in size at about 5 inches in height, they can fit in many more places than a full-size helmet could.

Of course, don’t expect the quality of it to be exactly like a real NFL helmet, just smaller, as these gifts are made from lighter, cheaper materials, but the details are more than enough to make it well worth the purchase. In fact, this is a gift that oftentimes seems moderately cool when considering whether it’s worth a purchase, but, after receiving it or being gifted it, it quickly becomes a favorite item due to this attention to detail.

4. NFL Phone Case

Do you think that the NFL fan in your life would enjoy receiving an NFL phone case as a gift? Of course. Who wouldn’t want to be able to share their pride in their team every time that they pull their phone out? And it’s even better if that phone case is adorned with the description, “Super Bowl Champions,” considering that few teams are able to reach the mountaintop in this sport, even less so for those who have done so in the past few years.

Just make sure that you buy one that fits the phone that it’ll be used for. Fortunately, that shouldn’t prove too difficult as the selection that’s available is extensive. Regardless, note that the one that’s linked to here is of exceptional quality, works for a variety of iPhones, and has been reported by many as being especially sturdy and durable. And, as expected, those who have received this as a gift with their favorite team’s logo on it have received several comments on it, both complimentary and of the ribbing nature from those who support rival teams instead.

5. NFL Cornhole Game Set

No products found.

What better way is there to have fun and show support for your favorite team than getting an NFL cornhole set? These can be set up anywhere, ranging from a backyard to while tailgating at the team’s stadium. Some of them, including the one linked here, includes not only team-emblemed boards but also team-emblemed bags. If your friend or family member loves football, then they’re most likely the competitive type and would love to be able to show that competitive spirit while playing this fun game.

Cornhole game sets are also great gifts for football fans because it takes them away from sitting on the couch watching games or playing Madden. This can be a great physical activity to take part in at halftime or if the game gets out of hand one way or the other. However, do note that these boards are meant to stay out of the sun when not being used, and they can deteriorate when wet, so don’t play in rainy or snowy conditions.

Gifts For Football Fans

6. Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time

Love him or hate him, Bill Belichick is easily the greatest NFL coach of all time. This is a perfect gift for any New England Patriot fan or a long-time fan of the NFL. I wouldn’t recommend this gift to anyone who is a Falcons fan, or Jets, Bills, or Dolphins fan, but if you planning a holiday in the new year,  this would be a perfect read on the plane or on a beach somewhere warm. This book dives into his Dad’s great influence on him through his Super Bowl wins, Spygate and the deflated football scandals, and everything in between. This 455-page documentary pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. Speaking of Dad’s, check out our Gift idea article specifically for Dads.

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Other NFL Coaches Who Wrote a Book

  • Bill Walsh – The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership (Link)
  • Tony Dungy- The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge (Link)
  • Jen Weter – Play Big: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL (Link)
  • Vince Lombardi on Leadership: Life Lessons from a Five-Time NFL Championship Coach (Link)
  • Bill Parcells: A Football Life (Link)
  • Jon Gruden – Do You Love Football?: Winning with Heart, Passion, and Not Much Sleep (Link)

7. NFL Classic Varsity Jacket

An NFL classic varsity jacket makes such a great gift idea for any NFL fan. These can be purchased adorned in the colors and logos of any of the league’s 32 franchises and can be worn year-round, during, and outside of football season, although they may not be warm enough for those enduring a Green Bay winter.

8. NFL Beer Mugs and Glasses

Many football fans enjoy drinking a frosty one while watching the game. The NFL fan in your life can now do so in an NFL beer glass. Regardless of what’s in this mug, this is a great gift for football fans of all sizes.

Take note that the types of beer mugs that are available are plentiful, from the designs to their sizes. Pick a solid and sturdy NFL Beer mug that won’t be damaged by washing in a dishwasher. Its logo is also especially impressive as it really pops out and grabs the attention of everyone within eyesight. So, if you have a football-loving fan who also enjoys a drink or two, what’s keeping you from getting them one of these with their favorite team’s logo on it?

Gifts for Football Fans

9. NFL Gloves for Kids

Do you have a young NFL fan who wants to be a wide receiver for their favorite team? Consider getting these so that they can make spectacular catches as they dive into the couch in your TV room or makes catches in the backyard or park with friends and family.  These gloves make for perfect gifts for NFL fans as they run towards genuine or imaginary end zones for touchdowns. Before purchasing, however, do ensure that they are not too big for the intended recipient as some were. Generally, around 10 years old is when some have hands that have grown too large to be able to use these. But those who they do fit have reported enjoying them.

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Gifts for Football Fans

10. NFL 3D BRXLZ Building Blocks Helmet

An NFL 3D BRXLZ building blocks helmet is one of the best football gift ideas for boys. These are great for keeping children and adults engaged as they take the 1,200 or so blocks and create their favorite team’s football helmet. Once completed, it’ll be a great item to show off to other fans of that franchise or simply football fans in general. Note that other football-related things can be built with BRXLZ building blocks as well, including NFL stadiums. Regardless of if you buy BRXLZ building blocks to build a helmet, stadium, or something else, do take into account that the pieces are small, especially compared to Lego pieces.

What makes this such a great gift is that it combines the passion for a team with the patience and care that it takes to build something like this. With all of the effort that goes into completing this helmet, that sense of accomplishment will be combined with a feeling of pride in the team whenever it’s looked at. However, before purchasing this, do consider that it is not easy to build. Yes, a sense of accomplishment will result, but it’s also possible that it won’t be built, and the experience will simply end in frustration or boredom. But, for those who are especially diligent and dedicated, few gifts can top this one. Awesome gifts for football fans, especially kids.

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11. NFL Sandles

There are up to 23 teams in this style. Perfect gifts for football fans

12. NFL Helmet Snack Bowl

NFL Chicago Bears Snack Helmet
570 Reviews
NFL Chicago Bears Snack Helmet
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Quality materials used for all Wincraft products
  • Cheer on your team with products from Wincraft and express your pride

13. NFL Wool Hats

14. NFL Wrestling Masks

Littlearth Unisex-Adult NFL Minnesota Vikings Fan Mask, Team Color, One Size
506 Reviews
Littlearth Unisex-Adult NFL Minnesota Vikings Fan Mask, Team Color, One Size
  • Officially licensed NFL, NHL, NCAA product
  • Be a superfan in this bold mask
  • Polyester spandex blend

15. NFL Slippers

16. NFL Bed Comforter

Northwest NFL Dallas Cowboys Comforter and Sham Set, Twin, Safety
  • Features NFL team helmet above team name and logo; background is bold team color
  • Soft, cozy and warm; set comes with comforter and sham
  • Comforter measures 64"W x 86"L; Sham measures 24"W x 30"L


**Bonus: 5 Ridiculously Overpriced NFL Items Worth a Laugh**


NFL Overpriced crap

This mini-section is worth a laugh. The following are six random NFL items that I found while researching this article that you’d never pay for in a million years. These sellers are definitely out of their minds. It’s worth a laugh, enjoy

NFL Sofa

NFL Team Classic Sofas

Price: $1,059.40

Ok, so…I’m pretty sure this is just a regular sofa with a couple of team logos slapped onto the side of it. If a friend was sitting in the middle seat, would there even be a way of knowing that this was an NFL sofa? What’s crazy, however, is the fact that in the seller details it lists the NFL sofa as being a fully licensed product by the National Football League, which is mind-blowing considering how lazy of a design this is.

It Would Be Cool If: The whole pattern of the sofa was the team logo, like these little kid pajamas (pic). That would at least be an interesting look.

There are also additional benefits to my suggested busy team logo look, as it could be helpful if you or your friends spilled chili or beer on the sofa; the pattern would be so busy that stains wouldn’t stand out as much. As you’re reading this I guess you imagine I spill a lot of food on myself and have learned this life hack by wearing nothing but Fat-Guy Hawaiian shirts. The truth is no; I’m not disgusting, but I do have kids who spill things regularly.

Gifts for Football fans

Surprised By: The fact this sofa exists.

Rather Have: The kid pajamas (link)

NFL Pool Tables

6. NFL Team Pool Tables

Price $2950.00

Has it come to this? Are we just taking random items and slapping an NFL team logo on it? I don’t know about you, but if when my kids grow up and move out of the house, I’ll be creating an awesome man cave. If I were to ever buy a pool table, I’d get one that’s high quality and decorate the room around it with NFL memorabilia instead. But hey, that’s just me, some people may see this pool table and think it would be perfect for their place.

It is Officially Licensed by National League Football, which means the logos and design aren’t cheap knockoffs and that the NFL has approved it.

It Would Be Cool If: You could pick NFL teams to represent the balls like Raiders are the eight ball, Eagles are the green ball, Steelers are the yellow ball, etc.

Surprised By: Free Shipping? Regardless of whether you want an NFL team logo pool table or a regular pool table, shipping for this item is free? It weighs 500lbs! That’s a pretty good side deal.

NFL Mini Helmet Display

I’d Much Rather Have Framed NFL Mini Helmet collection (pic). I used to collect all the NFL helmets. The problem was, in my old place the sun would shine in through the window and the colors started to fade. They don’t look as sharp as they once did. I have the macro-collection, which are a little smaller than the traditional NFL Mini Helmets. Great gifts for football fans as they can be fun to collect.

Packer Table

5. Green Bay Packers Tailgate Table

 Price: $149.95

Let me reenact how this will go down:

  1. You set up your tailgate area and unfold this flimsy 8-foot table with its borderline plastic legs.
  2. You have a couple of beverages and begin to throw the ball around.
  3. Your buddy reaches out for a pass (while still holding his beer) stumbles and lands on the table.
  4. He crashes into the table and bends one of the legs.
  5. You try to bend it back into place, but the table is permanently wonky.
  6. Later, you destroy the table in an angry rage. Fire may be involved

Or you’re playing the Bills and turn away for a minute and BillsMafia takes out your table for fun.

gift for football fan

San Francisco 49ers Pandora 14kt Gold Football Helmet Charm

Price $160.00

What the hell is someone supposed to do with this thing? This is not an Amazon product; this is a product you can buy at NFLShop. In the description it tries to call you out as a poser if you don’t own one:

“Prove you are the #1 San Francisco 49ers fan with this Football Helmet charm from Pandora. Constructed from 14kt gold, this charm features a vibrant San Francisco 49ers logo, so you can add a nice touch of team spirit to any outfit. It’s the perfect accessory to wear to a game or any time you feel like representing your San Francisco 49ers in a classy way. NFL Shop is your source for officially licensed San Francisco 49ers gear.”

What a piece of crap.

1. NFL Team GuitarsNFL Guitar

Price $499.00

Is it wrong for me to say I want one?!?

This thing is awesome! I would lose my mind if I saw a fan in the Oakland Raiders black hole ripping a solo on this guitar after an Oakland touchdown. I mean, the paint job alone is pretty sweet. In all fairness, I’ve fallen victim to the sex appeal of this item. I’m sure it plays like crap and has like $50 worth of actual guitar parts in it. Still, it’s worth a laugh.

Click here to see more NFL guitars.

NFL Guitars

Online Shopping Tips & Advice

  • NFLShop – A lot of people buy merchandise from NFLShop. They are the hub for the latest designs of NFL official merchandise, but they aren’t my top choice for buying sportswear online. I have placed about five or six orders with NFLShop over the years, and my overall experience hasn’t been great. My biggest beef with NFLShop has been watching the quality go down, and the price goes up. I have seen the best and worst of this website. In my opinion, the transition from Reebok to Nike was bad for the sports fan. Nike changed the way NFL jersey’s we’re made. They went from a thick material with sewn-on numbers to a Synthetic Fabric sports shirt with pressed-on numbers. NFLShop also isn’t great for buying gifts for sports fans in a pinch, their shipping is slow and can’t compete with Amazon’s free shipping.

Other Online Stores for Football Gift Ideas

There are two other large online stores for finding NFL apparel or a gift for a football fan. Both offer promotions that compete with NFLShop, however, a lot of the products they’re selling are Nike-made NFLShop type stuff. You might want to check out these stores to compare prices, but overall they are very similar to NFLShop.

  • Fanatics – Has a wide range of sports merch for all major leagues. Shopping at this store would allow you to potentially save big if you were looking to get gifts for football fans and fans of other sports, or college football. Fanatics might have some different things than NFLShop, but I would say 80% of their stuff is the same
  • Fansedge – Very similar to Fanatics.

Alternative Options (NFL Officially Licensed)

In the last few years, the NFL has allowed third-party companies the right to produce their own clothing lines. This has been a nice alternative. The best part about these companies is there are teamed up with Amazon, which means fast (and sometimes free) shipping. This makes buying gifts for football fans or yourself a quick and easy process. Here are a few I’ve found:

  • Amazon Partners: OTS and Ultra Game seem to be third-party companies that produce official NFL licensed clothing that sell directly through Amazon. They don’t even bother having their own eCommerce website. At first, I thought this was strange, but I guess there would be no point to sell your clothing from a website if you were accepted into the world’s biggest online store. I don’t have as much experience shopping from these companies, I did buy a hat from OTS, which not only showed up in two days from Amazon’s lightning-fast shipping, but I loved the hat. I found it to be so much nicer than the stuff NewERA is making these days. But that’s just my personal take, a lot of people still like NewERA. In terms of cost, OTS and Ultra Game offer competitive prices.