Gifts for Yoga Lovers

If you are not a lover of yoga yourself, chances are you know at least one. Yoga is everywhere, and yoga fans abound. For those uninitiated, yoga strengthens the muscles and mind through a physical, mental, and spiritual ancient Indian practice. It involves stretching, breathing, and mindfulness exercises, and aids flexibility, strength, and mental well-being. In other words… it is really good for you!

Yoga lovers are usually fit. In my mind, they all jump out of bed early (hours earlier than me) to exercise, they meditate, they eat perfectly healthy meals and they drink only water. I expect them to fit the stereotype: peaceful, mindful, and flexible, but I easily forget, they are human too.

Buying gifts for someone who loves yoga does not have to be complicated — you do not need to have any knowledge of yoga to find the perfect gift!

If you haven’t ever practiced yoga and feel a little intimidated by the array of potential gifts, a great place to start is with reusable items. For so many people these days, sustainability is often the first consideration when buying gifts. Reusable and sustainable everyday gifts are a simple and sensible place to start:

Try tempered glass or stainless steel water bottles, tea and coffee mugs, and water flasks. Most of us want to work out or exercise with water… a sustainable option for a drink container is inexpensive, simple, and definitely going to be used. A good quality bottle, mug or flask will last years and can be used for daily use, camping or outdoor activities. Many can be used for both hot and cold beverages and will maintain temperature for 10+ hours. Look for netted or knitted coozies with straps and handles too — they’re bright and colorful, and they protect the bottle from bumps!

Another simple option is apparel: cozy and comfortable athletic and loungewear. Yoga apparel is not limited to yoga pants and tops, and is commonly worn as day-to-day clothing by many folks — not just yoga lovers. Consider items such as comfortable and warm rubber-soled socks, on-trend bike shorts, or a cozy knitted wrap for cool mornings.

If you’re after something less specific to yoga, simple and practical household items can easily double as the perfect yoga lover gift. A warm and toasty textured throw rug or blanket can be used both in the household and during the cool-down phase of a yoga session. Comfortable floor or yoga pillows are popular for use in living rooms while being somewhat of a yoga practice staple. Candles help set the mood for a long stretching session and provide some stress relief.

The following are 14 gifts for yoga lovers that should surely help find the special someone the perfect gift.

Gifts for Yoga Lovers

If your yogi works from home or spends a lot of time sitting throughout the day, consider gifting a yoga chair. It is an inflated yoga or balance ball cradled in a moving chair base. They are adjustable in height and available in many sizes, colors and styles. The yoga ball itself can be used in yoga practice, core workouts, and other exercise routines. You can buy the chair base alone or with the ball included. They come with a selection of styles for both home and office use. These can assist with strengthening the core and assisting with posture.

A large part of yoga practice is mindfulness. Mindfulness is described by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘a mental state’ created while focusing on ‘accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.’ Think meditation. Yogis that focus on their present moment and mindfulness might enjoy (or need!) a book on the topic — there are almost too many to choose from. Topics include mindfulness for leadership and management; gratitude or mindfulness journals; mental health workbooks, and training your mind for peace and insomnia.

If you’re looking for a treat for someone new to yoga, buying a few key pieces of equipment is a great ‘starter’ gift. Rather than aiming to purchase the perfect gift pieces, grab a few small fun items to simply test out. The yoga basics like mats, blocks, and straps come in hundreds of styles and colors, they’re inexpensive, and they’re practical. As a beginner, your yoga lover might think they have what they need… but have they REALLY explored all of their options when it comes to yoga goods? Look around for unique basics like:

Yoga blocks; tote bags; yoga straps; massage-style mats; resistance bands; leg warmers; balance boards; yoga towels; bolsters; yoga gloves and knee pads.

If your yogi is a human pretzel, buying a gift for a hard-core yogi might require something more ‘hardcore.’ Consider these options for furthering fitness:

Pull-up bar; ankle and wrist weights; interlocking fitness mats; step decks; ab wheels; dumbbell sets; jump rope and resistance cord door attachments.

Yoga Blocks

Manduka Yoga Recycled Foam Block - Yoga Prop and Accessory, Comfortable Edges, Lightweight, Firm, Non Slip Recycled Foam, Thunder...
  • RECYCLED FOAM YOGA BLOCK: Step up your routine with the unbeatable style, comfort and support of Manduka’s unBLOK Recycled Foam Block. Great for yoga,...
  • STABILITY AND BALANCE: Featuring slip-resistant contoured edges for comfort, firm stability, balance and support in any yoga pose. Great for beginner to...
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Improve your practice by using blocks to maintain proper alignment, deepen your stretches, and to help stay safe by reducing injury and...

What Are Yoga Blocks Used For?

There are many Yoga tools or props to enhance your ability to express a yoga pose. One of the most popular yoga props to use in class is the yoga block. Made from foam, bamboo, wood, or cork, the block is often used as an extension of the arms, but can also support the back, head, and hips to help the body settle into a pose.

Premium Yoga Ball

Trideer Exercise Ball (45-85cm) Extra Thick Yoga Ball Chair, Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Ball Supports 2200lbs, Birthing Ball...
679 Reviews
Trideer Exercise Ball (45-85cm) Extra Thick Yoga Ball Chair, Anti-Burst Heavy Duty Stability Ball Supports 2200lbs, Birthing Ball...
  • EXTRA THICK AND ANTI-BURST: one of the highest density exercise balls in the market. 2000 micrometers in thickness and can resist up to 2200 lbs.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL AND ANTI-SLIP: Professional quality with non-toxic PVC material, free of BPA & heavy metals
  • EASY TO INFLATE AND PERFECT PACKAGE: Save time and energy with the quick inflation foot pump included in the convenient box. Also comes with 2 more air...

Yoga Mat With Design

Yoga Dice

Chronicle Books Yoga Dice: 7 Wooden Dice, Thousands of Possible Combinations! (Meditation Gifts, Workout Dice, Yoga for Beginners,...
  • YOGA POSE DICE: Mix up your regular yoga stretching routine with the roll of a dice.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR YOGIS: Whether you're a professional or just getting started, these dice are perfect for inspiration and variating your poses.
  • THOUSANDS OF COMBINATIONS: Seven dice with different poses on each side mean thousands of possible pose combinations.

Premium Yoga Pillow

Florensi Meditation Cushion - Comfortable Floor Pillow - Traditional Tibetan Meditation Pillow with Beautiful Velvet Cover - Large...
  • Meditation Cushion: Create a restorative space with these floor cushions for adults. Designed specifically for meditation and yoga, use this thick floor...
  • Sustainable Filling: Our meditation pillow comes filled with 100% buckwheat hulls to connect you to nature and then covered with foam padding for an extra...
  • Posture Support: Designed to place you in a natural seated position, our yoga meditation cushion relieves stress on joints, eases lower back pain, and...

Yoga Stoarage Cart

Body Solid Rolling Storage Cart
  • Holds 12 foam rollers or yoga mats
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • 32”l x 21”w x 37”h, 38lbs

This is absolutely a perfect gift for yoga lovers. Odds are if they take yoga seriously, then they already have a few different-sized yoga mats. This gift is practical, thoughtful, and hard to miss on. If your dating someone who loves yoga, this gift says “here’s a place to put your yoga mat, and maybe mine too.”

Yoga Hammock Kit

HEALTHYMODELLIFE PINC Active Silk Aerial Yoga Swing & Hammock Kit for Improved Yoga Inversions, Flexibility & Core Strength - Gold
  • ★COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES HARDWARE – No need to purchase extra hardware or figure out complicated pieces. This swing is set up and ready to hang on...
  • ★SOFT SILKY MATERIAL – This high quality material is soft to the touch and eases transitions from pose to pose. You will notice the difference from...
  • ★NO ANNOYING HANDLES – Real aerial yoga shouldn't have handles, they are unnecessary and ugly. Don't fall for other competitors yoga swings that have...

Yoga Inversion Bench

Longer+Wider+Bigger SISYAMA Yoga Headstand Bench Chair with Handles Headstand Handstand Inversion Workout Stretch
  • ✅Bigger size translates to firmer longer hold. Grippy handles guarantee comfort and stability. This yoga up-side-down trainer has longer (28”) and...
  • ✅OUR Commitment To YOU: “Quality is never an Accident; it is a result of Skillful Execution”. At SISYAMA, we stand behind our product with a lifetime...
  • ✅3-second fold away storage: Invest in yourself to Unleash Your full potential. SISYAMA Premium strength training inversion equipment is crafted with a...

This is the perfect gift for someone looking to take yoga to the next level. Just read one of the comments from Amazon: “Love this yoga inversion bench! I am a yoga instructor. This prevents compression on the neck and crown of your head. I can do core (pikes) in my headstand on this as well. I do use the bench against the wall so it won’t slide although I can do a floor headstand without a wall. When I press down on the handles I feel my forearms press down which one should do in a floor classical headstand to take the pressure off your neck. My shoulders feel so supported.” There is a video of here using it too. Check it out.

Yoga Jacket

This is a more personal gift, one in which you would need to know their size, but still a thoughtful gift nevertheless.

Yoga Mat Towel

Gaiam Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel, Riverside, 24" W x 68" L
  • MICROFIBER SIZED MAT TOWEL: Fits perfectly over a traditional size yoga mat (68-Inch x 24-Inch)
  • SUPER ABSORBENT: Dries in half the time of a cotton towel (ideal for hot yoga)
  • DOUBLES AS YOGA MAT: Acts as substitute for yoga mat in a pinch

Book On Stretching/Technique

Tapestry Bedding

Folkulture Tealtastic Mandala Bedding with 2 Pillow Cases, Indian Bohemian Hippie Bedspread Blanket, Ombre Tapestry Wall Hanging...
  • Folkulture bohemian bedding is just the perfect, beautiful, international and unique premium handmade Indian mandala wall tapestry artwork made with love...
  • Makes a great themed Tapestry Wall Hanging,College Wall Decals or Abstract Art,Teal Full Bedcover Prime Set, White Hippie Poster or Wallpaper Tapestries,...
  • This exclusive green indian jaipuri intricate popular bedsheet throw comes with a pair of handloom cotton fabric antique pillowcases as accessories and a...

Maybe the person you’re buying for has everything they need in terms of Yoga accessories, but it’s so a part of their lifestyle, that someone in a mediation theme would work.

Zen Ring / Stretch Ring

What is a Zen Ring?

A Stretch Ring or Zen Ring is used to help to create a flexible body and mind. It was developed in Japan as a unique way to combine East and West’s philosophy of body and mind fitness by Naohiro Maki, a researcher in the field of human body movements. This is a highly effective and safe exercise tool. See video here

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System: Weight Training, Cardio, Cross Training, Resistance Training. Full Body Workouts for...
  • OUR BEST-SELLING TRAINING SYSTEM. TRX’s All-In-One Suspension Trainer System has revolutionized personal fitness. Designed for full-body workouts that...
  • AMAZING RESULTS FAST. TRX will allow you to achieve the results you want. You will Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Strengthen Core, Increase Cardio Endurance &...
  • WORKOUT ANYWHERE. TRX easily anchors to doors, rafters, or beams at home—as well as anywhere outdoors like trees, poles, or posts. Take TRX All-in-One...

Adding TRX might be the best way to take Yoga to the next level. A perfect gift for yoga lovers.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and has numerous benefits for both the body and mind. Some of the main benefits of yoga include improved flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone, improved respiration and energy, and reduced stress and anxiety.

One of the key benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. Regular practice of yoga can help to improve the flexibility of the joints, muscles, and connective tissue, which can help to prevent injuries and reduce stiffness and discomfort in the body. Improved flexibility can also help to improve posture and alignment, which can help to reduce pain and improve overall physical health.

In addition to improving flexibility, yoga can also help to increase strength and muscle tone. Yoga poses, or asanas, require the body to hold and support itself using various muscle groups, which can help to build strength and endurance. Regular practice of yoga can also help to improve balance and coordination, which can help to prevent falls and injuries.

Another important benefit of yoga is improved respiration and energy. Yoga focuses on controlled and mindful breathing, which can help to increase the flow of oxygen to the body’s cells and improve overall respiratory function. This can help to increase energy levels and improve overall physical and mental well-being.

Finally, one of the most well-known benefits of yoga is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga combines physical movement with controlled breathing and mindfulness, which can help to calm the mind and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Regular practice of yoga can help to promote a sense of relaxation and well-being, which can have a positive effect on overall mental health.

The practice of yoga offers numerous benefits for both the body and mind. Improved flexibility, increased strength and muscle tone, improved respiration and energy, and reduced stress and anxiety are just a few of the many benefits of regular yoga practice.

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