Romantic Gifts For Your Girlfriend

You have an occasion coming up: wedding, anniversary, birthday… maybe your lady just got a promotion or reached a milestone. Maybe it is a gift seeking forgiveness, or perhaps it is simply a surprise gift to simply say ‘I love you” Either way, romantic gifts usually present a challenge. 

Some information for partners and spouses that get stuck with gifts before they begin: stop stressing. We are going to take you through a range of romantic gift ideas ranging from sentimental and traditional, to entertaining, adventurous, and quirky. Fear not, because here is the breakdown on how to find the right romantic gift for your lucky lady. 

Let’s find somewhere to start: Love Languages. Everyone loves differently, and everyone has different love languages. The Love Languages are covered in the book ‘5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts’. The book itself is a great romantic gift, but my point here is simple: revealing your partner’s love language will help you find the right romantic gift. Show your partner a very real romantic side of you by putting in the effort to find them their perfect gift. You can do the love languages test online for free. 

For some folks, romance means ROMANCE. Flowers, dinner, expensive vacations, and big shopping trips are some traditional romantic gifts, but they do not always equal tangible gifts. Sometimes handing over a wrapped box is just more thrilling than a vacation or extending an invitation to an expensive dinner. Sometimes, receiving a gift is better than anything: it serves as a reminder of the love shared between you. 

New Socks

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I know, this is not romantic but we’re starting out slow here. 

Adventurous Date Night Box

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This is something that you can do together, which is very important. This gift says I want to have fun with you. 


Luxury Trio Candle Set

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Espresso Maker or Coffee Maker

I’m not sure we can classify this as romantic, but it’s still thoughtful. You don’t have to break the bank to get a decent coffee maker, however, if you’re girl likes fancy coffee, we have an article on gifts for coffee snobs you might want to check out. 

Art For The Home or Office

You Can’t Go Wrong With Jewelry 

Additional Gift Ideas


Straight to it. Consider an item that can double as an heirloom in the future. If you and your partner have children, these are sentimental gifts that can be passed through the family. Things like knitted blankets, jewelry, and artwork can easily be passed through the generations. A beautiful was to commemorate your love. 

Sentimental Gifts:

  • Framed photos of the two of you at a special time or memorable occasion. 
  • Romantic jewelry to symbolize the bond between you. 
  • A bound book for handwriting memories or scrapbooking photos and craft.
  • Also traditional, jewelry boxes hold jewelry and special memories. Find something you can engrave or personalize. 

Traditionally Romantic Gifts:

  • Lingerie is not the most romantic per se, but it may indeed lead to romance…
  • A snuggly robe and matching pajamas might not sound romantic, but for some women, a night of relaxation is total romance and complete bliss. 
  • A spa night at home goes a long way. Think facial, massage, foot soak…
  • Perfume is so romantic! 


There are some women out there who really appreciate practical gifts, and practical gifts can even be romantic. Keep in mind, romantic gifts are not always practical in the traditional sense. If you are aiming for romance, do not think “hmmm… new microwave sounds practical”. You will probably be disappointed by the reaction, and your partner will almost certainly be upset by the implications of the gift! Beware!

Here’s a quick list for those of you looking for something romantic and practical:

  • Find a useful and lasting piece of furniture that will remind your spouse of you every single time they see or use it. 
  • Look for special handcrafted or luxury home wares, especially with themes that remind you of your one. 
  • Find a new camera to take snaps that will last forever. Skip the cellphone and go old school.
  • If you like to get out together, buy her a bike! Bicycle rides are romantic… but a two seated bike is a pain. Look for a new bicycle for your lover! 
  • Continuing on the outdoorsy theme, the market for smartwatches is massive, and price points range from $50 to $500. Smartwatches cat double as GPS, music device, heart rate monitor and many others. 


If your lady likes left of center gifts, here is a short list of things to consider: 

Entertaining Romantic Gifts:

  • If your idea of romance is laughter, aim for giggles! You can buy fun (and romantic or even steamy) games to play at home together, bonding with laughter and silliness. 
  • Music is romantic for lotsa ladies, buy her something that will tickle her inner ear. Record players and records are back in fashion, so go nostalgic. 
  • For the tech lover (HER not you)… buy her a virtual reality set up, or pimp out her set up and protect her equipment. If she is into gaming, gaming accessories of all kinds may be considered romantic! 
  • Musical instruments offer some fun together, you do not need to know how to play them! Part of the romance is spending time together learning! 

Quirky Gifts:

  • If she is into cosplay, take her shopping for costumes.
  • For the creative girlfriend, search for some romantic and meaningful art. 
  • Got plants? Planters and plants are a romantic gift for your girlfriend – let it grow!

Gifts for the Adventurous Girlfriend:

  • Get out: backpacking gear
  • Spicy! Buy some spices, herbs and foods from around the world, cook her a meal at home.
  • If you are feeling outrageous, go in the deep end and buy an inflatable hot tub. Not a purchase she will regret you making!